Gel Braces For Cold Therapy

Injuries such as sprains are painful and may result in swelling of the injured area. Commonly this type of injury occurs at the ankle or wrist, making it difficult for the injured party to function normally.

To reduce wrist or leg swelling and discomfort it is important to receive and continue the proper care. A part of doing that involves icing the area. While ice or frozen vegetables are common methods of accomplishing this, a gel pack is a superior alternative.

Benefits Of Cold Gel Braces

There are several benefits that come with using gel braces for cold therapy. One benefit is that they can be used almost anywhere. Because they are typically thin enough to wear beneath clothing, gel braces are easily concealed if necessary. They are comfortable to wear and most will not feel overly heavy or cumbersome. The gel inserts are removable, which makes them easy to use. Another benefit is the time that it takes for inserts to freeze. When at home or at any place with a freezer, the brace’s inserts will become cold within 20 minutes of being placed in the freezer.

They are also useful in other areas of one’s life where applying cold treatment is inconvenient. For example, if a person must apply ice at regular intervals, but has to work, they can use their gel brace while on the job. It will not interfere with their appearance, make a wet mess, or hinder the person using it. Gel braces kept at gyms and sports centers are also useful when immediate icing and stabilization is necessary.

Buying Gel Braces

The cost of gel braces depends on a number of factors, such as the type of brace and the manufacturer. As with most products, different manufacturers charge different prices. In general gel braces range from as low as $15.99 to as high as $60. The average cost of this type of brace is typically between $34 to $36.

  • Ankle Gel Braces – Lightweight brace that helps prevent sprains while providing cold therapy.
  • Gel Knee Braces – Great for icing the knee.
  • Gel Wraps – These gel wraps wrap around your ankle and can be either hot or cold. Great for alternating therapies of relaxing heat and cold numbing pain.

Gel braces can be used multiple times if they are in good condition and properly cleaned. If it is extremely dirty, mild soapy water can be used to gently sponge it down. Afterwards, all traces of soap should be removed using a damp sponge. If the brace only requires spot cleaning, a damp sponge or cloth can be used to wipe the soiled areas. After removing excess water with a dry towel it should be left to air dry. They should not be dried out under the sun, put in a clothes dryer or placed near any type of heater.

Although there are different methods of treating sprains and strained muscles, such as massagers and heat, applying ice is crucial to effectively reduce swelling. When cold therapy is required, gel braces are a convenient and effective method.

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