Long Shower Handles That Are Easier To Turn

It is the little details in a home that make all the difference in the world, whether we consciously realize it or not.

For the bathroom, it is commonly known that the use of fixed shower grab bars and transfer benches improve the safety of your shower surroundings. However, most people are unaware that shower handles can have a big impact on the overall function and look of a shower.

Imagine opening a door and twisting the door knob in the direction that you want. This simple movement requires grip in your fingers and power in your wrists. Now try opening a door with a long handle and you will notice that instead of a twisting motion, you have to push down on the handle. This allows you to use different muscles and more of your hand instead of your fingers. This same scenario also applies in a shower environment.

Some shower handles are hard to turn on and off because it requires a lot of grip strength. Turning on a shower knob requires a fair bit of dexterity. Luckily, there are shower handles that have long extensions and are typically called single handle shower valves. These are much easier to use for individuals weak in their hands.

Shower Handle Types

Shower handles are available in a very large variety of styles, sizes and finishes. Cost tends to vary based on the material and design; more intricate or weighty styles typically cost a bit more than others. Quality is a top consideration here since shower knobs see a lot of use.

The most common finish for shower handles is chrome, though other finishes such as brushed iron, clear crystal and polished white are popular as well. When selecting a finish, the decor of the bathroom as a whole must be considered to avoid an unsightly contrast that clashes with the rest of the space.

Large Shower Handles For Elderly

Large shower handles for elderly individuals are another specialized shower knob design that serves a very important purpose. Arthritis is common in the elderly and makes simple tasks that most people take for granted such as turning on the shower water painful and difficult to accomplish. Installing large shower handles for elderly people gives them the independence turn on the water int the shower without needing assistance. Larger knobs or long shower valve handles are easier to turn since they do not require as much bending of the tender joints in the fingers and hand. Shower heads for the elderly are also great because they tend to have longer shower hoses and can allow the individual to sit down while cleaning.

Temperature Restriction Shower Handles

In addition to purely decorative types of shower handles, there are also some very special shower knob varieties that serve a specific purpose by design. Those with disabilities may benefit from the installation of handicap shower handles that prevent the temperature from passing a set level. This is better than setting the temperature at the water heater lower because it doesn’t impact the rest of the house, meaning the washing machine and dishwasher still benefit from having a steady supply of water that’s hot enough to kill germs and bacteria.

Selecting the perfect shower handle is easy once you consider the style of the bathroom and your own personal needs.