Non Slip Food Mats In The Kitchen

Non slip food mats benefit a home environment in many ways. Typically, non slip mats are marketed as plate grip mats for the elderly or those needing handicap kitchen aids. Persons needing this adaptive equipment may be those with limited muscle control, the blind, those having the use of only one hand or those suffering from arthritis. These non slip rectangular mats stabilize sliding plates or other wayward kitchen utensils in order to prevent messes or injuries.

When disabilities interfere with daily living activities, the use of non slip mats is an immense benefit to those who value their independence. This is especially true if a person really enjoys cooking, baking or eating. In the kitchen, non slip pads stabilize mixing bowls, blenders, food processors and baking dishes.

Non Slip Food Mat’s Many Uses

At the dining table, non slip mats are used to stabilize a person’s plate. While there are special plates with rubberized bottoms for this purpose, they can be costly. By purchasing these plate grip mats, persons can use the dishes they already have. In addition, the mat is easy to roll up for use when dining out. While this is their primary use, non slip mats have many other uses. Specifically, non slip mats can also be used to:

  • Hold items on a lap board;
  • Keep telephone books or paperback manuals from slipping on a shelf;
  • Hold books or paper on a sloping desk or draftsman table;
  • Makes for great cooking aids to keep bowls in place.
  • Keep a baby from slipping out of a high chair;
  • Keep items from sliding around in a boat or recreational vehicle;
  • Hold a bed skirt in place;
  • Keep mats, rugs or furniture from slipping on a smooth floor;
  • Stabilize a person’s feet when trying to stand.

Buy Recommended Non Slip Mats

  • Non Slip Rectangular Food Mats – Available in colors blue, red, or yellow. Measures 10 by 7.25 inches. Good size for most plates. There are larger sizes available as well.
  • Non Slip Circular Food Mats – Great for keeping bowls in place as you whisk or stir. Measures 8 inches in diameter.

Non slip mats are not effective when placed on a wet surface, when they become too dirty or when they are wet. Keep them in good condition by washing them in soapy, warm water and allowing them to dry completely before re-using. Given the many benefits and uses of these mats, their cost is reasonable. Prices range from $12 for round, 8-inch mats to $23 for larger mats approximately the size of an average table placemat.