Benefits of Flip Up Grab Bars

Many seniors who experience balance problems and a decrease in mobility, along with younger individuals who may have chronic or temporary mobility problems, can benefit from using flip up grab bars.

Also called swing up grab bars, flip down grab bars or pull down grab bars, this style of grab bar is very popular for placing in bathrooms, next to toilets or places throughout the house where space is limited.

Advantages of Flip Up Grab Bars

Demonstration of Flip Up Grab BarsThe main advantage of flip up grab bars is that this style of grab bar, once attached securely to the wall studs, simply swings down and locks into place for use. Then once they are no longer needed, this style of swing grab bars swings up and out of the way until it is needed to function again. Traditional bathroom grab bars do not have this flexibility and can sometimes get in the way because of their permanent positioning jutting out from the wall. Fold up grab bars that flip up and out of the way, then flip down when needed are perfect for attaching near the raised toilets in order to be used to steady an individual getting up or down from the toilet seat.

Swing Out Grab Bars

There are swing out horizontal grab bars that can be conveniently pulled out from the wall and locked into place. These bars are perfect replacements for toilet safety rails or shower grab bars. When you are done using them, return it back to the wall and lock it into place.

A grab bar that can swing up and out of the way is also convenient for using on the wall of a shower stall so that when an individual is entering the shower, this style of toilet safety bar can be pulled down into place and then pushed up and out of the way when the shower is finished.

Costs of Flip Up Grab Bars

Grab bars, that are hinged to the wall and flip up and out of the way, come in a variety of materials to match the decor of the room, ranging from traditional stainless steel to more decorative antique brass, nickel and chrome. As an investment that provides safety for the inhabitants of a home, the starting price of around $125.00 to $250.00, for this style of grab bar is quite affordable. Nickel and brass grab bars being the most expensive choices.

Buy Recommended Flip Up Grab Bars

No matter what style of flip up, fold down, flip down, pull down, swing up or swing down grab bar you desire, be sure that it offers a hold weight that exceeds the individual who will be using it for support. In addition, make sure it is properly located for your needs and secured correctly to the walls.