Standing Up Assistance Aids

If you have health issues like arthritis or bad knees, you may have trouble getting up once you are seated. Perhaps you are even worried about staying in your home because you need assistance getting up out of your chair or up out of a seat. The truth is that you do not need to give up your independence simply because you need standing up assistance. In fact, there are several items that can assist you to stand up and help you stay independent.

Couch Grab Bars

If you need just a little bit of assistance standing up from a couch, you may want to use couch grab bars. For a reasonably affordable price, you can buy these best recommended standing aids and place them next to your sofa or couch. In order to use a couch grab bar, you will need to slide one part of the bar under the couch. When you need to get up, you can use the bar in order to help yourself up. The best part about the couch bar is that you do not need to do any maintenance on the bar. All you need to do is to make sure that the bottom of the bar is firmly in place under the couch. If you are looking for an inexpensive and low maintenance product that you can use to pull yourself up after sitting, you might want to consider these couch grab bars.

Poles To Help You Stand Up

In areas where you need standing assistance but couch grab bars are unable to be installed or used, you might consider floor to ceiling poles. These standing assist poles can be sturdily attached to the floor and to the ceiling without heavy drilling. They can be placed in living rooms, in a bathroom, next to a toilet for standing up, or in a bedroom. Most handicap standing pole models have a handle that extends out from the pole that you can use to grab onto and pull yourself up. Floor to ceiling poles can cost under $180 to purchase. If you have a friend or relative that is handy, they can probably install the device for you. Once firmly attached to the ceiling and to the floor, there is low maintenance and you can have standing up help anywhere you need it. However, it should be inspected regularly for maximum stability.

Lift Chairs Assist Standing Up

Lift chairs are perfect if you have a bigger budget, if you have arthritis in your arms, weaknesses in your lower body, recovering from hip or knee surgery or cannot pull yourself up out of a sitting position. Lift chairs cost about $500 to $1000 to purchase, but they are well worth the cost. A lift chair is remote controlled and will lift you up and can also lower you down if you have trouble sitting. Most chairs have a warranty so that if you have problems, you can quickly and easily get them repaired.

With these standing aids to assist you when you stand up, chances are that you can remain in your home and continue to live your independent lifestyle with little assistance from your friends and neighbors.