Ceiling Poles That Are Easy To Install

It is difficult to find a place to install grab bars or handicap assist bars that are within reach and do not damage the structure of the home.

Luckily, there are ceiling poles that are easy to install and provide the stability and safety that one needs in their home without the troublesome installation process and wall damage. These are great floor to ceiling poles for disabled persons, the elderly, when transferring somebody from a seat to a walker, wheelchair or scooter and for people after surgery.

Are Ceiling Poles Right For You?

  • You do not want to damage your walls.
  • You rent and the apartment lease states that you cannot drill into your walls.
  • Anything involving installation of screws and nails is difficult for you.
  • No wall mounts needed.
  • You need a ceiling to floor mounted grab bar in the middle of a room.
  • A grab bar floating in the kitchen would be nice.
  • You need a long sturdy pole.
  • Need help with sitting down or standing up from a chair.
  • You decided that your living area needs a safety pole but you do not want one that sticks out from a wall.
  • You want a simple installation process.
  • Did you recently have knee surgery or hip surgery?
  • Are you using a couch grab bar but need more assistance?
  • Do you have trouble standing up without help?
  • The walls are too far from a regular grab bar.
  • You need help getting out of a bathtub or shower.

Recommended Ceiling Poles

Easy Installation Process

The installation process of ceiling poles usually involves a turning of the screw at the base of the pole. The device will slowly expand and apply even pressure to the floor and ceiling areas. When you want to move the ceiling pole, simply turn the screw at the bottom in the opposite direction to loosen it. Then reapply where ever you need it. The floor to ceiling pole is adjustable for ceiling heights anywhere from 7 feet to 9 feet. If you want a fixed ceiling pole, then you can have it permanently installed with a few screws but it is not necessary.

These handicap ceiling poles costs anywhere from $120 to $250 and comes with additional features like pivoting curved grab bars and padded handles for extra grip. They are capable of supporting weights of 300 to 450 pounds.