Adult Gait Trainers

Adult gait trainers offer individuals without functional walking and posture skills the chance to live a more normal life. Using a standard walker requires good balance and walking skills; walking trainers do not require as much mobility. While a motorized or non-motorized wheelchair is always an option, wheelchairs do not help build strong muscles.

Specialized adult walking trainers provide the individual the postural and walking support they need to get around their home alone. Rather than depending upon family members to help them stand, move from room to room or do light tasks, these medical walkers allow the individual to experience more personal freedom and independence. They offer strong support for those who enjoy sightseeing, travelling, socializing, or who miss the pleasure and relaxation of taking a simple walk.

In addition, occupational and physical therapists often use these medical walkers during therapy. Due to their chest and/or pelvic support design, adults recovering from a stroke or automobile accident can use them to relearn how to walk and balance themselves. They also offer a chance for additional walking practice outside therapy sessions.

Recommended Adult Walking Trainers

  • Gait Trainer Walkers – Has a forearm platform allowing the user to stand up with enough support to practice their walking.
  • Trunk Support Gait Walkers – Get extra support for those who have trouble controlling their waist or trunk when standing or walking.

Walking trainers for adults come in a variety of styles and degrees of therapeutic support. Indoor walkers have small swivel wheels for easy maneuvering around furniture and doorways. The average indoor walker costs about $1,000 to $2,000 for an adult. For outside activities, a sturdier, larger-wheeled walker is best. These heavier walkers cost about $2,000 to $3,000, depending upon the amount of chest and pelvic support needed. There are also child gait training walkers available.

To keep these medical trainers working properly, manufacturers recommend you check the fastenings, fixtures and casters about once per week. Cleaning is also simple; just use plenty of hot water and a good-quality non-abrasive detergent. While adult gait trainers cost more than a standard walker, the simple upkeep, greater mobility they provide and the improved quality of life for the user is well worth the additional cost.