Back Supports For Comfortable Sitting

Uncomfortable sitting? Whether at a desk, on a couch or in a car, sometimes sitting just is not comfortable. Due to a back injury or poor posture, back pain is very common. Sitting for long periods of time is not what people are naturally accustomed to; nor are we physically built for it.

We need proper support in those back and lower areas so there is some pressured being absorbed. With back supports and chair cushions, some of this pain and pressure can be alleviated.

Back Supports And Cushions

Support in the form of back supports or cushions are beneficial in so many ways throughout a typical day. Use them when sitting at a desk, in a vehicle on a commute, in front of the TV or even at the dinner table. The strain in the lumbar area or tail bone, all the way up to the shoulders, can be helped with support.

The back is basically what holds a person upright, and because of this it is under a lot of strain. Sitting or standing, a person is constantly stretching those muscles. Back supports and support cushions help take some of that burden off.

Back Supports To Help Poor Sitting Habits

Most people have a tendency to slouch. This affects not only their back, but their health, as well. So often, after slouching over a meal, a person ends up with heartburn. When they slouch, not only are they stretching back muscles, they are also putting pressure on their stomach, which hinders digestion and can produce heartburn. Just by using back supports at dinner can help stop this. Back supports force your body to sit in an upright position and make you consciously aware of when you are slouching. Additionally, when you slouch, the weight is not properly distributed from the top of your head down to your butt. Instead this weight from your head is placed to the middle of your spine and lumbar areas.

Buying Supports And Cushions

They come in various forms and offer different types of support. The key is finding out where it hurts and which cushion helps with that. Whether it is a seat cushion with a cutout to help with tail bone pain or a back support with added lumbar, there is something for every discomfort.

Cost does not have to be an issue when trying to find something to help. There are products out there for as low as $7 to over $100. They even have supports for those that move about a lot and do not want to carry around cushions. An inflatable back support offers the same type of help and is convenient enough to take anywhere. Check out our recommended selection of sitting cushions and be sure to find the right aids if you are recovering from back surgery.

If you cannot find a way to sit that is comfortable, try a chair cushion or back support and give your back a little break. No pain can be a big gain.