One Handed Can Openers

A one handed can opener is a perfect addition to any kitchen. A one handed can opener operates a little differently than a normal can opener. Typically, a one handed can opener operates by being squeezed with one hand. An individual places the cutting wheel along the inside of the can’s rim, squeezes the can opener’s handle to pierce the lid and then continues squeezing the can opener’s handle until the can opener has gone around the entire top of the can. They can even come equipped with magnets to ensure easy lid removal. This is one of the many helpful kitchen aids available for those with disabilities.

Why You Should Buy One Hand Can Openers

This type of can opener is perfect for individuals who have physical disabilities that limit the use of one of their hands. A one handed can opener is ideal for anyone with arthritis, weakness or any other physical issues that make it difficult to grasp a can opener with both hands. It can be annoying and even a little embarrassing for some people to ask for help opening cans. A one handed can opener can help an individual with physical disabilities remain independent. Even people without physical disabilities might like to try a new way of opening cans that offers an alternative to the typical manual can openers.

Another great product opener for individuals with poor grip issues or grasping difficulties is the jar opener. Jar openers use levers to help individuals pop off metal bottle caps, pop tops, plastic screw-caps and even pull tabs with exerting too much force or grip.

These can openers cost between $16.99 and $26.00. One handed can openers are typically cheaper than high quality electric can openers, the other alternative to regular manual can openers. Electric can openers are great devices, but their motors can die, and they typically require a little maintenance. However, a one handed can opener does not require much maintenance.

To keep a one handed can opener in good shape, be sure to wash it after each use and dry it. It is important to dry a can opener after washing it so that it does not develop rust. A rusty can opener is a pain to use because it is much harder to operate it than when it is free of rust.