The Benefits of Toilet Support Frames

Toilet support frames are structures designed to provide additional support and stability for toilet functions. It consists of toilet safety rails positioned ideally at the sides from the toilet bowl. They are useful for getting up from the toilet, transferring from wheelchair to toilet, and sitting down gently and safely. Support frames provide a greater opportunity for an independent lifestyle especially for the elderly or for handicapped individuals.

Reasons For Toilet Support Frames

Many individuals, especially as they age, experience back or joint problems. For example, arthritic knees are quite common for people, even if they have enjoyed good health most of their lives or have been competitive athletes. We tend to gain weight as we age, which of course, puts even more stress on the back and joints. Toilet support frames are a blessing for any person who suffers from such painful back and joint problems because the frames greatly relieve the pressure that the back, knees, and hips must exert to use the toilet.

Some individuals suffer from a debilitating dizziness symptomatic of serious illness or a common vertigo. These individuals depend on the sturdy assistance a frame provides. It is more than enough for people to try to handle the stress and weakness of a long-term illness without worrying about using the bathroom. It may sound simple, but a toilet support frame eliminates one more stress for people whose lives are already stressed to a very high level. The basic routines of life should not have to be compromised. Toilet support frames are one way to help take the risk out of using the toilet.

Purchasing Toilet Support Frames

Many high-quality companies specialize in toilet aids with products such as support frames or handicap commodes. Prices range from the mid forty-dollar range to close to $200 depending on the need for additional features such as padded armrests, magazine racks or added steel supports to handle weights up to 600 pounds. Most toilet support frames are easily adjustable to fit the variety of toilet sizes. Some frames are stand-alone models that can be moved from toilet to toilet; others attach to one toilet, usually with a tool-free assembly procedure. Maintenance is minimal; it is usually best if the frame is kept dry; otherwise, a normal bathroom cleaning is all that is required.

If you are still unsure whether these toilet support frames are right for you, consider these scenarios.

  • When the toilet seat is just too low.
  • When you are unable to stand up from a toilet because there is too much hip or knee strain.
  • There is a little water puddle near the toilet seat creating a slippery hazard.
  • You do not have enough strength in your legs to stand up.
  • You are experiencing dizziness or vertigo.

The main point is that toilet support frames will be there when situations are bad and also when you need an extra hand in the bathroom.