Benefits of Clothing for Sensitive Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body, but it is also the most frequently neglected. Sensitive skin is a common problem facing many people, but often the irritations and annoyances that warn against dermal damage are ignored. A frequent cause of irritation to the skin actually results from choices in clothing.

Selecting the right clothing is more than just a matter of fashionable taste. Clothing is in constant contact with the skin, and it can easily inflame minor sensitivities. To avoid neglecting one’s most vulnerable bodily organ, simply following a few key suggestions in regard to skin-friendly clothing in order to protect against skin sensitivities. The benefits are not limited to added comfort and breathability, but increased circulation and radiance can be restored from just a few simple ideas.

Skin Friendly Clothing

Skin-friendly clothing is typically made of natural fibers. Cottons, linens and silks are very comfortable fibers that are used in garments designed to be non-abrasive and free-flowing. Some natural fibers like wool can feel itchy if the coarser part of the wool fibers is used in a garment. An excellent way to discover more comfortable clothing is to shop first with the backs of one’s hands to feel a garment before considering look and fit. Garments that are 100% natural fiber, and colored using of only natural dyes, will feel lighter and less abrasive from the first touch. Consider layering garments of lightweight fabrics made of natural fibers as opposed to choosing single-layer heavyweight rigid garments. At the very least, a person with sensitive skin should ensure that their base layer clothing is made of a soft fiber that has been colored with only organic dyes.

Irritable skin is a condition that is easily addressed by simply choosing high quality softer, and less rigid, garments. Less irritation on the skin can reduce stress levels, increase the health of skin by stimulating better circulation and even restore energy levels. Some 100% organic fiber clothing, like silk, can be more expensive and require additional care. However, the benefits to one’s health and the longevity of the clothing outweigh short term costs.