Weighted Utensils And Silverware

Hand tremors can make many daily activities difficult. Persons who have tremors may spill food frequently at mealtimes or may find that their handwriting has become illegible. There are simple ways to make life with tremors easier.

Understanding The Source of Tremors

First and most important, the affected person needs to see a doctor and determine exactly what is causing the tremors. Many different medical conditions can cause tremors, and many can be treated with medication. Some conditions that cause tremors are Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, strokes and brain injuries, or simple muscle weakness. The most common type of tremor is Essential Tremor, which occurs in up to 4% of individuals over the age of 40 and becomes more common with advancing age. About half of all cases of essential tremor are genetic and run in families. In the remainder of cases the cause is unknown.

Tools for Tremors

Once the cause of the tremors has been identified and medical treatment has begun if necessary, there are steps that can make daily activities easier. Common tools for tremors include weighted silverware, which can make eating easier and significantly reduce food spillage. Weighted silverware is just what it sounds like: ordinary forks, spoons and knives with weighted handles. The light (up to about half a pound) weight provides a bit of stability and physically limits the hand tremor. Weighted silverware can be purchased at medical-supply stores or ordered from many different companies online. Most doctors’ offices and rehabilitation facilities can provide referral for supply sources. Most purchased weighted utensils are dishwasher-safe. There are also hand weights that help with essential tremors. The weight of the cuff or strap is a form of feedback and may provide some relief but does not completely eliminate the shakiness.

Making Your Own Weighted Silverwares

 It is also possible to make your own weighted silverware, using fishing sinkers and foam pipe insulation or PVC pipe and modeling clay. What you do is make a weighted grip which can be slid over the handle of ordinary utensils. The advantage of making your own weighted grips is that you can vary the weight as needed. To make grips with pipe insulation, cut a length of insulation about 4 inches long and push two or three fishing sinkers into the core. Then slide it over the handle of a spoon or fork. With PVC pipe, again cut a piece about 4 inches long, and pack modeling clay into the pipe, and push the handle of the utensil. Other kitchen utensils, such as spatulas or serving spoons, can be modified this way also. Homemade weighted grips must be removed before the utensils can be washed.

For those who are not so technically inclined, there are similar items for sale. Here are a few recommended weighted utensils and silverware.