How to Save on Medications

Finding less costly medicines is possible when you look at the options available to help save on prescriptions. From discounts through the manufacturer to ordering your medications through a reliable pharmacy online, there are simple solutions to buying medications on a budget. The first step is to decide which options will work best for you.

Switch to Generic

There is a huge price difference between name brand medications and low cost generics. Generic medications contain the same active ingredients as their more costly counterparts and are available through nearly all pharmacies. Some medications, particularly newer medications that are still under patent restrictions, aren’t available as a generic brand, however. Ask your doctor about switching to a low-cost generic alternative if you find that you are having difficulty fitting your prescriptions in the budget.

You can also ask for free samples from your doctor. Most medicine manufacturers provide physicians with samples to give patients who are just beginning the medication. Free samples are ideal when you aren’t sure that a medicine will work and want to try it for a short time before filling a prescription. You can also call the physician if you are having trouble filling your prescription to request free samples. You should know that not all medicines are available in samples, so you may need to look for another option to save money on prescriptions for long term use.

Order Online

Ordering online through mail order programs may be the best way to save money on your regular medications. You will definitely want to make sure that you are buying from a legitimate pharmacy in Canada or the United States to ensure the quality of the medications. Buying online can save you hundreds of dollars on your medicines each year. You will typically need to fax or mail your prescription in before your medicines will be mailed to you, so make sure that you allow a few weeks time when ordering online. Ordering early will prevent you from running out of your regular medicines before the new order arrives in the mail.

Some medicine manufacturers also offer rebates on certain medications. Visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the discounts and rebates that are offered to patients. Your medicines are an important resource to staying healthy. You can get the medicines that you need for less when you consider your options and look for new ways to save on the prescriptions that you need each day.