Eliminating Smells From Catheters And Urinals

Catheters and urinals do not have to smell awful. That lingering scent in the room can be eliminated and it is not as difficult as you might think. Odor control can be a menace, but with a few simple tips and tricks the odors associated with catheters and urinals can be eradicated.

A Natural Organic Product

The first trick to try is Sunzyme. Sunzyme is a product that will actually destroy odors instead of just masking them. It is a natural product that also removes organic stains. This product can be used on many different surfaces in the home as well as on many types of fabric without hurting the fabric in any way. This simple solution is inexpensive and can be used virtually anywhere. Not only can this product be used in any room in the home, it can travel in your purse or car, so you can use it wherever you go to destroy the odors. This can be helpful is you notice the smell lingering to your clothing when you leave the house.organic-natural-odor-control-catheters

  • Buy Sunzyme – Natural product that removes odors such as urine, feces and vomit. It is a concentrated liquid that should be diluted with warm water.

Getting Rid Of Smells On Catheters And Urinals

There are some other tips you can try to eliminate smells associated with catheters and urinals. First, if a catheter leaks or you have a spill, immediately clean the area with a strong antiseptic. If a collection bag is used, make sure it is changed frequently to stop odors from occurring. To correct odors from both catheters and urinals, always carry an odor elimination spray with you to use when you first smell the odor. You may be able to eliminate the odor before it spreads throughout a space and attracts attention.

One benefit of controlling these types of odors is that a more pleasant smell replaces the bad one, which makes it much easier to breathe normally. People with catheters are easily embarrassed by the odor, especially when others around them notice it. By controlling the odor, catheter users can feel confident when they are in close proximity to others. By controlling odors in urinals, many men and women feel more comfortable and are more likely to use them.

Offensive Smells Keeping Visitors Away

There are some benefits to eliminating the smells from catheters and urinals in the home. One benefit is that visitors are more likely to stay longer and visit more frequently when there are no odors present. When the home smells better, so does everything that leaves the home. This means that the unpleasant smell will not travel outside of the home on your clothing anymore.

Life can be improved drastically when these odors are removed. People tend to feel better about themselves and feel more confident when they are clean and smell good. Catheter and urinal odor can make people feel self conscious, so they do not enjoy life and their activities as much as they should. A quick change in a person’s smell can go a very long way to building up a person’s self confidence.

There are certain situations or conditions when eliminating these smells would be useful. When you are expecting visitors to your home, you should try one of the techniques discussed here. Another time to try to eliminate these smells is when you are going to be in close proximity to someone who might catch a whiff of the odor. Some examples of this are when you go to the doctor or dentist or when you go to work.

These odor eliminating solutions are inexpensive and easy to maintain whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. Odor control does not have to take over your life when it is managed. However, the benefits of trying these tips will make you feel better about embarrassing odors stemming from catheters or urinals so you can concentrate on more important things in life.