Bath Mats For The Disabled

Bath mats for the disabled come in a wide variety of textures and styles. They are mainly used to make showering and bathing easier.

When placed on the floor of the tub, bath mats help prevent men and women from slipping and sliding around. This ultimately offers a safety tool that prevents further injuries. Elderly individuals can also use these kinds of textured bath mats for that extra reassurance of safety in the bathroom.

Extra Large Shower Mats

Extra large shower mats can improve the lives of the disabled quite considerably. Because they are generally built with a slip- resistant texture, they will prevent people from falling while in the shower. If a man or woman has sustained leg injuries that make it difficult for him/her to stand up without help, then they may need a caregiver with them while they bathe. Shower mats, can in many cases, eliminate the need for a caregiver.

Bath mats are not the only option for the disabled. There are sticky adhesive safety treads that can be placed wherever necessary. Near the entrance of the tubs, only bath steps or along the floor tiles are just a few places that safety treads can add more traction. They may provide just what is needed for people to gain control of themselves and wash all areas of the body. The mats are especially useful when individuals are in the process of washing their lower legs and feet. If they are standing in the shower, washing these areas will require some bending motion that can potentially throw people off balance.

While shower grab bars work great, they require the use of your hands and those same hands might be preoccupied with scrubbing and cleaning your body. Bath mats can provide that extra little stability that will ensure safety. Install these mats for your elderly or disabled parents. This is particularly important when older men and women live alone. Textured bath mats can prevent fractures that are caused by falls on slippery surfaces.

Buying Bath Mats

Bath mats for the disabled can be purchased for quite reasonable prices. Even the best bath mats can probably be bought for only a few tens of dollars. They are excellent products, and can work wonders for many different kinds of people. Here is a list of recommended bath mats.

Maintaining Bath Mats

Shower mat maintenance is minimal and easy. The mats should be cleaned routinely to remove dirt build- up and to keep the product looking nice. A dirty mat can harbor bacteria, mold and fungus. Some warm water and light soap mix should work fine. For harder-to-remove dirt, try diluted bleach or vinegar. Be sure to let the product soak overnight for maximum cleaning. In all cases, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed so that no undue harm is caused to the mat. With proper maintenance, the mat should last a long time and should help with many different aspects of safety.