Transfer Pivot Disc To Move People

A transfer pivot disc is a circular device used to move people from one place to another. Although it is mainly used in wheelchair transfers, it can be used in any type of situations involving sitting. Consumers can choose from a number of styles and types of pivot discs to meet their needs.

How Does The Transfer Pivot Disc Work?

A transfer pivot disc rotates 360 degrees both directions, which makes swivel transfers easier and safer on patients and the people assisting them. The person stands on top of this device either with assistance or on their own, then the transfer disk allows for an easy turning, twisting or swiveling action onto the next sitting location. Most disks generally come with a black outer covering and white base. The product also comes in several sizes: 13 inch, 15 inch and 18 inch. The device’s material varies but polymer and polyethylene are commonly used. A slip-proof material placed on the bottom of the disk prevents accidents. The majority of rotating pivot disks hold up to 300 pounds.

Extra Safety With Transfer Belts

To ensure maximum safety while performing swivel transfers, helpers should use transfer belts. Transfer belts fit around the patients’ waist and fasten securely using special clips. The belt helps lift patients into the standing position. Patients should place both feet completely on the device. The helper or assistant typically places one of their feet on the device to ensure that it does not move during the transfer.

What Are Some Benefits?

All pivot disks provide mobility and safety to people who normally could not transfer from standing to sitting. Discs also help with sitting to standing positions. When used in the home, a pivot disk provides an invaluable service. People who need assistance moving from their bed to a wheelchair in the morning or during the night benefit greatly from using a transfer disk.

Since the device is lightweight, helpers can carry it anywhere. It works great in bathrooms where wheelchair transfers can be difficult. Pivot equipment also provides help for people with hip and back conditions. Transfer discs make moving from a car seat to wheelchair less stressful on patients as well.

Price of Transfer Pivot Discs

A rotating pivot disk may cost anywhere from $50 to $100. However, pricing depends on the brand of product available for purchase. Patients can purchase their product online or at a medical equipment store.