Bedridden Accessories

Bedridden patients are confined to the bed due to various illnesses. It could vary from a broken leg to being in a coma. The most popular bedridden patients are those that have recently had a surgery and are now recovering.

Bedridden accessories such as bed pans, hair wash basins and compression stockings makes life a lot easier for the patient. These accessories are designed to aid patients with their lack of mobility. In a hospital environment, accessories are normally provided as basic hospital equipment. In the home environment, bedridden accessories are essential in order for the patient to become self-efficient.

Bedridden accessories can help to benefit specific areas of the patient’s life. For example, bed pans serve as a viable option instead of walking to the bathroom. These pans can be used within close proximity of the bed. Patient lifting systems are used to help move a patient that cannot be moved by conventional means. This could be due to broken bones or sensitive areas of the body. Patient lifting systems also results in fewer injuries compared to moving a bedridden individual by hand. Hair wash basins are necessary for patients that are unable to stand up and wash their hair. Wash basins also allows the patient to wash their hair while requiring little physical movement.

Accessories Provide Relief In Bed

There are some conditions which can only be assisted by accessories for the bedridden. For example, an injury to the spinal cord is a condition that renders the patient as bedridden. Accessories such as a pressure relief air mattress become a necessity. These special mattresses are designed to spread out the body’s pressure evenly on the air soft mattress. Pressure relief air mattresses also prevent the development of bed sores. Therefore, there is no part of the body that is under heavy pressure.

Equipment To Help With Boredom

Staying in bed can also become a very monotonous and repetitive pattern if none of your surroundings change. Luckily, this boredom can be alleviated with accessories like bed reading aids and portable trays. The reading aids can help hold your book pages in place while providing an ample amount of light. Portable trays give you a place to put your laptop so it is not constantly on your lap. More importantly, you can be productive and keep your mind active.

The cost of bedridden accessories varies based on the type of equipment that is needed. There are compression stockings which can cost under $30 to specialized mattresses that can cost up to $3000. The costs however can be seen as a one-time initial investment. The quality and durability of the bedridden accessories invested in correlates with the level of maintenance required. Most of the accessories such as patient lifting systems may require some mechanical servicing after couple years. Other accessories that do not have any moving parts such as a mattress can last up to several years. Items like these do not require any ongoing maintenance service.