Bathroom Options For Those With Limited Mobility In Bed

If you have limited mobility in bed and need to use the bathroom, there are many bathroom options that do not require much mobility from the user.

It allows you to go during the middle of the night or when you do not have the strength to get out of bed. These portable urinals in the home are items such as spill proof urinals, handicap commodes and bed pans. If you or a loved one has problems with incontinence, have one bathroom in the home or if you have trouble moving around, these bathroom options are a lifesaver and can save oneself from any embarrassing moments.

When You Need To Go!

Studies have shown that holding in the need to use a restroom can result in damage to the kidneys, bladder infections, back pain, kidney failure and more incontinence. It is important to use the restroom immediately, when you need it and a portable urinal can help you do that if the restroom is too far a distance or you can no longer wait.

Additionally, if you are bed-ridden, a portable urinal can help you maintain relief without requiring much movement. The cost of bedpans can range from $30 to $65 depending on the style and material of the product. Read more information on bedpans.

Cleaning and maintaining portable urinals include flushing the contents down a running toilet, wearing gloves of course. Then washing the bed pan or portable urinal with hot tap water, soap and a cleaning brush to ensure any traces left are cleaned and removed. Taking extra measures such as spraying the portable urinal with a disinfectant spray can also be beneficial in order to help with any odors and possible bacteria present. This ensures the portable urinal is clean and safe to use once more. Read more on portable urinals.

Furthermore, if you have a large family and only one bath room to share, a portable urinal can help allay some of the bathroom traffic so that not everyone is clamoring to use the same bathroom all at once. They can have another option in the event they need to use the restroom at the same time.