Helpful Products for Pregnant Women

While pregnancy is a beautiful and natural biological process for which women are well equipped, it is also incredibly hard on your body.

During this time, you will gain weight and suffer from uneven weight distribution, your joints will take a beating and your hormones will be totally unstable. However, all of these unpleasantries can be reduced or avoided by arming yourself with a few simple products.

Belly Support Belts

As your baby grows, the added weight starts to put a lot of strain on your back and hips, hindering your ability to efficiently perform routine activities, disrupting sleep and preventing comfort. Belly support belts are an ideal solution to the problem. They are made from a stretchy, breathable material and come in various sizes and styles to fit different preferences and needs. They work by lifting your belly, thus relieving low back pain and joint discomfort. The support acts as a cradle for your belly. These support belts can also improve pelvic blood flow, decrease inflammation and reduce the likelihood of stretch marks.

Buy Recommended Belly Support Belts

  • Belly Support Belts – Helps reduce lower back pain by supporting your belly. Lifts the weight from the hips and pelvis. Gently comforts the belly with soft padding.
  • Mini Cradle Belly Bands – Easy to use and fully adjustable bands that cradle the belly. Reduces back pain and straining of the abdomen.

Being pregnant can also present a challenge when sitting down or standing for extended periods. Moms who work throughout their pregnancy in jobs that require long hours at a desk often complain of terrible back pain. Breasts are enlarged and there is an additional belly weighted down in front. Such women are urged to use back supports. These ergonomic supports help position your spine in a way that encourages both good posture and comfort. They also have an added benefit of reducing stretch marks around the belly area. The baby is pulled up off the pelvic bone and the belly is not bouncing around when you are walking down the stairs.

Body Pillows

Pregnancy essentially changes the structure of your body and can make lying in bed an awkward and uncomfortable feat. Having a body pillow can offer more support in. It gives you someplace to rest your arms to keep them from putting pressure on a sore chest. Also, placing one of these pillows between your legs helps to keep your spine aligned and takes pressure off of your hips and knees.

  • Pregnancy Body Pillows – A huge pillow that wraps around the body of the user. Great for side sleepers and those who need a lift on their stomach area.

Helpful Pregnancy Tips

Comfort Food

With the wild fluctuations in hormones come the food cravings. You should not fight it. Eating foods that make you feel content and happy will help your brain maintain high levels of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters. This helps you ward off stress and negative feelings and is also good for your baby’s neurological development.


Even before delivery, breathing is important. The extra weight on your diaphragm will make breathing feel very labored especially if you are carrying your baby high. You might experience shortness of breath for tasks such as washing the dishes. It is crucial to take your time when doing anything. Take it slow and consciously force yourself to breath deeper through your nose if possible. Having good posture helps to provide room for your lungs to expand.

Proper breathing during delivery is absolutely necessary. A good rhythm is required to make the process as smooth as possible. Take each breathe deeply and slowly. Breathing helps to relieve the tension experienced during the contractions.

Take Care Of Your Feet

With the extra weight, your feet will take a beating. This is especially the case if your work requires you to stand all day. Compression stockings help reduce the amount of swelling and keep your feet from ballooning. Additionally, after a long day, consider leg massagers to get the blood back flowing and circulating to the rest of your body.

Taking Up A Hobby

When you’re feeling out of sorts or when the excitement of meeting your baby gets to you, it helps to have a distraction. Anything can work, such as reading, walking, taking up a craft or even creating hand-made clothing for your baby. This will help the time fly by and is also a good way to relieve stress.