The Benefits of Seat Harnesses

When caring for people who require adaptive chairs, seat harnesses are an absolute necessity. They allow the person in the chair to maintain a healthy and safe upright position and can make the difference between a safe home and an environment for injuries. These are not just seat harnesses for the disabled. Inexpensive to install and easy to clean, seat harnesses are the perfect addition for any person who uses a transport wheelchair, needs secure support on a feeding chair or for those who lack the necessary back strength to stay perfectly upright.

What Are Seat Harnesses?

Seat harnesses are essentially slings that attach to the chair and wrap around the person’s torso. They typically consist of bands that are several inches wide for comfort. They are used to keep a person held back against a dining chair or wheelchair for safety.

When a handicapped person is unable to maintain a straight, seated position the risk for injury is great. Constantly slumping over makes it difficult to breathe and swallow increasing the risk of aspiration or other medical problem. It also causes back pain that the person may or may not be able to vocalize. These seat harnesses act like wheelchair posture belts to keep the person upright.

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How To Keep A Person Still When Feeding?

A feeding harness is the perfect solution to this problem of a person, child or baby that constantly moves when feeding. It will keep the person seated upright to minimize the risk of choking or aspiration into the lungs. Proper harnesses allow you to keep your loved one in a home environment longer without the risk of injuries that come from improper seating positions.

Chair Harnesses for Transport

When transferring a person in a wheelchair from one location to another, gait belts are quite helpful but harnesses are also necessary when transporting the person. Even a handicapped person who has strong back muscles and the ability to sit upright unassisted can benefit from a chair harness when leaving the house to go to the store. The harness will help keep him or her safely upright, even when the transportation van is coming to a stop or if you have to bring the chair to a sudden stop in the store. Avoid dangerous injuries when traveling with your loved one by investing in a quality wheelchair harness.

Harnesses are simple to install to an adaptive chair and can be purchased from your local supplier. Ideally they should be hand washed although they can be run through the machine on the gentle cycle if heavily soiled. They should never be placed in the dryer as that could damage the material.