Bed Leg Lifts

Bed leg lifts come in all types, strengths, and abilities. It is a wonderful thing that such a device is available for those who need this help due to different physical conditions.

It is important to keep circulation going in the legs of both active and inactive people, and there are a variety of ways to lift one’s legs depending on the leg health of the individual and whether that person is able to walk on his or her own or is a bed patient.

Types of Leg Lifters

Standard Leg Lifters

The simplest leg lifters are made of a special sturdy webbing strap and long rod. An upper loop fits around the patient’s wrist or hand. A lower stiffened loop goes over the foot. Then the foot is lifted by the wrist or hand. It works like a bed strap to pull your feet from the floor to the bed.

Leg Lift Pillows

Leg lift pillows helps to elevate the legs, thus adjusting your spinal cord and reducing back pain. Sleeping with legs elevated reduces stress on spinal discs and enhances blood circulation in the lower part of your body. Your sleeping position has a lot to do with elimination of muscle pains and headaches and whether your spinal cord is able to relax. Sleeping with your legs lifted might be the solution towards getting a good nights’ sleep. Raised leg pillows can also help those with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), swollen legs, acid reflux and stiff backs. If you reverse it and lay back on the pillow, it can help with acid reflux, snoring and allergies.

Electric Leg Lifts

Electric leg lifts include a powered leg lifter that attaches to the frame of the bed and has a raising platform that lifts the legs to a position that is horizontal and level with the mattress. These side plank leg lifters can allow the legs to slide off the platform and go onto the bed. A handset controls the action. Some of these use a compressor that inflates an air sack and raises the platform.

There is also handicap adjustable beds with a hand controlled positioner and a mechanism to lift the legs. A side rail assembly enables the rail to move upward and forward when the head section is raised. The foot section of the bed can also be moved.