Using Handicap Bathtub Lifts For Safe Baths

Bathtub Lifts Help People Maintain Their Independence

Elderly people and those with certain handicaps often have a lot of trouble in the shower. The problems occur because the bathroom is naturally a wet environment and so it is very easy to slip. In addition, most bathtubs are equipped with a high curb that requires the user to get in and out by lifting up one leg at a time. This creates instability and is impossible for those who have difficulties with mobility. And since not everyone can afford a handicap shower, we have options. Fortunately, with invention of handicap bath lifts, showering and bathing has become much easier and safer for those who used to have trouble with it.

How many times have you heard of a senior who live alone slipping in the bathtub and breaking a hip? As we age, the independence that we have enjoyed all of our adult lives becomes more and more difficult to maintain because we may not be as physically able to perform certain duties. Elderly people and those with physical handicaps often have to depend on other people, whether professional caregivers or family members, to aid them with bathing.

However, taking a bath or shower should not be dangerous. It should be an activity that can be done alone, and it should be relaxing. Using a handicap bathtub lift is one of the best ways to make sure that those with limited mobility are able to take a safe shower by themselves. A bathtub lowering chair device like this can return to the person, a much-needed sense of freedom and privacy, and away from the dependence that they so often have to deal with. So create your own bathtubs with lifts.

Bath Lifts

There are many types of bathtub lift seats that are specifically designed to be used in the shower, but bath lifts can assist a person in getting in and out of the bathtub by working as a lifting and lowering bathtub chair. You do not need a tub hoist or other tub lifts with these devices. Then, once the person is safely in the tub, they can use the lift as a chair while they cleanse themselves, minimizing the risk of injury while bathing. The operation of handicap bathroom lifts consists of pressing a button or lever that raises or lowers a person into the water. Scroll down below for some recommended bath lifts to buy.

How use to a bath lift

  1. Sit on the side of the bath curb or the padded seats of the bath lift. Use this area to undress and prepare for the bath.
  2. Situate yourself, find the nearest grab bar and swing your legs into bathing position while using the grab bar as support.
  3. At this point you should be laying on the handicap bath lift.
  4. Press the lever to lower yourself into the water.
  5. Let your muscles relax in the warm bath and just freely lay back to soak in the water.
  6. When you are done, raise up the seat.
  7. Slide over to the bath edge and grab the handicap bar.
  8. Lift your legs over the bath side while holding the bar.
  9. Rotate on the seat and prepare for drying and redressing.

There are many different companies that manufacture and sell bathtub lifts, and every model varies in price and includes different features. Most units run on a rechargeable battery so that there is no worry about mixing water and electricity together. Also, the majority of the lifts that are available on the market are anchored to the ground by powerful suction cups with a mechanism that makes it easy to remove the lift when it is not needed.

Buy BathTub Lifts

    • Recommended Handicap Bathtub Lift
    • This bathtub lift weighs 20.5 lbs and is capable of lowering you down to 2.3 inches of the tub. With a folding option, this lift can be portable for staying at hotels. The seat height is 18.8 inches, taller than most other tub lifts. It also fits most any bathtubs. If you are looking for an affordable and cheaper alternative to a walk in tub, then this is your solution. This recommended handicap bath lift can also be purchased at this store. Compare the prices between the two locations to get your best price.
    • Lifting Bars For Bathtubs – The bathtub bar can be placed next to the bathtub to assist in lifting yourself out of the tub. It is a horizontal flip out grab bar. Buy the flip out horizontal grab bar.
    • Reclining Bathtub Lift – This recliner bathtub lift can recline to angles of 10, 35 and 45 degrees. Very simple setup that requires no tools. After an initial battery charge up, the bathtub lowering device lift can last for days without a charge. Smooth up and down lifting motion provides the user a memorable experience.

  • Stable Recliner Bath Lift – This bath lift can recline to many angles such as 10, 35, and 45 degrees. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs and strong suction pads to keep it on the tub, this lift is a sturdy and stable alternative for handicap bathtubs. Lifetime guarantee on the frame and motor.

Everyone needs to have something that they can do without help and with dignity. While circumstances can sometimes make this difficult, utilizing handicap bathtub lifts can help significantly.