Unable to Stand for Long Periods of Time

Many people find themselves being unable to stand for long periods at a time. Long periods can refer to 20 to 30 minutes of standing.  This can interfere with work for a lot of people as well as doing normal household chores and simple things such as taking a shower or standing in line at the grocery store. There are many reasons why someone can’t stand for long periods of time. A few of the main reasons are back pain, hard ground surfaces and foot pain. They can all be remedied with the right equipment and allow the user to stand longer.

Reasons for Being Unable to Stand For Long Periods

Why are you unable to stand for long periods? Some painful reasons for being unable to stand for longer periods is because of back pain or foot pain.

  • Some back pain may be caused by arthritis, disc disease, trauma, injury, sciatica, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, obesity, pregnancy, inappropriate posture or poor sleeping position.
  • You might have gained a significant amount of weight recently and your body and feet are still adjusting to the extra pounds and pressure. Losing weight can reduce the stress on your feet. Getting comfortable shoes or orthotics is also one temporary solution.
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  • Another reason some people have a hard time standing for long periods is foot pain. Some reasons for foot pain include injury, plantar fasciitis which is irritation and swelling in the bottom of the foot, arthritis or even the shoes that are being worn.

A physician can diagnose the problem of being unable to stand for long periods of time through medical history, family history and exam. Sometimes it will be necessary to confirm the cause of the pain through an X-Ray, MRI, CT scan or ultrasound.

Some things you could do to help is make sure to wear comfortable shoes and a good back brace especially if you have to stand at work for long periods of time and have back pain. These back braces will correct your posture to prevent hunching and slouching over.

Another thing that can help is investing in some equipment such as shower seats for under $50; so that you can sit down to take a shower.

A handicap walker can also help support yourself while standing. There are walkers with seats on them available. Have the option of sitting down by buying one for around $100. Other handicap equipments that you can install around the home are grab bars to support some of your weight when you feel tired. This is the equipment for seniors to help them stand longer.

Anti Fatigue Mats

Fatigue from standing up for long periods of time can come from the hard surfaces you stand on all day. This adds more pressure and undue stress to your muscles, joints and bones. Luckily, there are products that relieve the pain called anti-fatigue floor mats. They act as a soft cushion for your feet while comfortably supporting the feet’s arches.

Foot Pain and Back Pain Exercises

You can also try doing certain exercises to help if you are unable to stand for long periods due to lower back pain. You can sit on a chair and bring both your knees up toward your stomach. This will stretch the muscles and relieve the tightness. Another exercise is to stand up using a chair as support and lift each leg out straight in front of you about 10 times on each leg then rest a few minutes and repeat.

If your foot hurting is what’s making you unable to stand for long periods you could try heel stretching exercises or shoe inserts. Being in pain and not being able to stand for long periods can make life difficult and can cause depression and anxiety. Once you eliminate or at least minimize the pain you go through every day it will make your life much more enjoyable. You will be more independent and have more control over your life without having to worry about not being able to stand.