Tub Lifts for the Elderly

When aging, the elderly find it difficult to lift themselves in and out of the bathtub. Elderly people may find it difficult even to step in and out of the bathtub, with fear of injuring themselves. There are elderly people who live independently and would like to ensure that they do not slip while in the shower. Luckily, there is bathtub equipment for that elderly that ensures a safety solution allowing the elderly to continue using their bathtubs. These tub lifts are body lifts for bathtubs and can support most weights.

Powered Bathtub Lifts

Many bathtub lifts are available. Power lifts are the most common tub lifts. Also offered are reclining bathtub lifts, and lifts covered with padding as well. There are battery operated lifts as well. Included with these lifts are rechargeable battery packs. These battery packs usually have enough power to lift twelve to fifteen times. With these lifts, it is important to ensure that there is enough battery power before attempting to use the lift.

Bathtubs for Elderly

These lifts help benefit the elderly by regaining their independence, regain their confidence in knowing that they are safe while bathing, and helps them to feel comfortable because they still have the ability to bathe themselves.

The lifts are not often covered by insurance and the prices starts around $500 to $550 with increasing costs as you get more options. However, the costs are minor compared to installing walk in bathtubs or handicap bathtubs. There is minimal maintenance involved with tub lifts. They are easily stored directly on the bathtub. Power lifts are usually attached to the tub itself. Some power lifts are attached to a permanent track system that is installed to the bathroom ceiling. These track systems help lift the person directly into the bathtub with the convenience of just pressing a button.

Check out some of the best recommended bathtub lifts.

Many lifts offer the comfort of a full back and neck rest. This is relaxing for the elderly person who is bathing, and gives them that added sense of ease while bathing. The support of the back and neck is important because a person will not need to strain when bathing. If you prefer a portable and softer tub lift, consider inflatable bathing cushions.

Independence and above all, safety, is very important to elderly people. Elderly people should still feel as if they can take care of themselves without sacrificing their independence and tub lifts can deliver that feeling.